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What is Room613?

Room613 is dedicated to helping Jewish children and families create a deep, personal, and lasting connection with our amazing, infinite Torah. Jewish parents have been teaching their own children Torah for thousands of years. And why not? After all, it is one of the 248 positive mitzvot (commandments). 

Our goal is to bring together Jewish homeschoolers and other motivated learners worldwide, to study and learn Jewish subjects using the most advanced, yet user-friendly, technology available.

All Jewish homeschoolers are invited to connect here to make friends around the world, share ideas, help each other, and learn together. Room613 has an extensive discussion forum and private messaging system for its members, along with many other useful tools for communication and collaboration, to expand and enrich your homeschooling experience.

Unlimited Learning members have access to all classes offered on our main schedule (see schedule here). This is an amazing value since the whole family is welcome to come and learn without limit, for one low monthly rate. (Room613 Community members may sign up individually for any classes they choose.)

All members are welcome to request private classes, whether short-term (even a single session) or long-term, that meet their family's specific needs.

We are also here to provide support to yeshivas and day schools, as well as Jewish parents with children in public schools or who have children unable to attend school due to illness or other reasons.

We are here for you!

Room613 was conceived and created by Rabbi Yosef Resnick, an experienced educator and homeschooling parent. Here are some things that students and colleagues have said about him.

“I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your patience and guidance with our are an amazing and thoughtful teacher who cares about his students...this year will surely affect my Torah learning and my life in general..."

- a former student

“Rabbi Resnick is able to draw upon his immense learning in a creative, imaginative, and appealing way... He is a true educator by virtue of his knowledge, his creative methodology, and his middos tovos."

- DW, a colleague

"Rabbi Yosef Resnick is an educator and role model for all. In his humble way, this teacher...draws the light of Heaven and connects it with the divine light in every one of his students. Parents will learn from Rabbi Resnick as well, and are fortunate to have this opportunity for Jewish enlightenment from a man who has devoted his entire life to family, community, and education."

- SS, a colleague

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Rabbi Resnick has been involved in chinuch (Jewish education) for over 15 years. He has degrees in Jewish studies and in music and has a Master's in Education, with a focus on educational leadership. He is a member of INACOL, ASCD, The eLearning Guild, the International Association for K–12 Online Learning, and PEJE, The Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education.

He is also a musician, music teacher, and certified sofer (scribe), and has written for Natural Jewish Parenting magazine and the popular Jewish website AskMoses.

Rabbi Resnick lives in a small town, with his wife and their five children, whom they have been homeschooling in various configurations for nine years.


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