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Reflecting on the 2nd annual homeschooling conference

Monday, June 28th 2010 @ 12:37 AM

It's been a few weeks since the Second Annual Torah Home Education Conference in Baltimore, and I finally have a moment to gather my thoughts while simultaneously having both hands free to type. So here I am to tell a bit about the conference and what it meant to me.

First and foremost, the conference was an exciting opportunity for me to venture out of my own small town and meet people from all over, in person. Most exciting was meeting people whose names I have known for many years (through Natural Jewish Parenting or other online-based connections). I felt like I was meeting celebrities! 

And the speakers were also mostly "known" to me (at least their names) through e-mail lists and similar venues. So I was very eager to meet them and hear what they had to say.

I can honestly say that I took away something valuable from every single speaker—some insight or practical tip, or a feeling of being validated and of being part of a larger community. It felt good just to sit in a large room filled with Jewish homeschoolers. Look, everyone, there are lots of us! And more importantly, many more Jewish families are beginning to consider homeschooling a viable option, whether because schools are not meeting their children's needs or whether homeschooling feels right for pedagogical, philosophical, financial, and/or logistic reasons.

I took a few pictures at the conference and I've posted them in the photo gallery here on Room613. Take a look! Also, if you have conference pics to add to the gallery, just let me know.

I'll close with a Top Ten list, just for fun!

Top Ten Things I Loved About the Jewish Homeschooling Conference:

10. The awesome tuna wrap from the JCC Café

9. Realizing that now that I am not a schoolkid anymore (and haven't been for decades), I am not shy about raising my hand to speak in a large gathering

8. Meeting Room613 friends in person

7. Having my kids meet their Room613 friends in person

6. Meeting lots and lots of interesting new folks from all over

5. Staying with the fabulously kind and lovely Eagle family of Baltimore, and chasing fireflies every night in their backyard

4. That my baby took not one, but two really (really) long naps, so I could attend almost all of the conference sessions

3. Talking to grown-ups for a larger percentage of my day than I usually do

2. That every speaker was worth listening to and I was never bored

And the number one thing I loved about the conference was...

1. The cool bit of hashgacha pratis (divine providence) that it took place on the 13th of June... 6-13!  Cool

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