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The Royal Wedding's Hidden Meaning

Monday, May 2nd 2011 @ 2:15 AM

Nothing happens by coincidence. So it's not by chance that an estimated one quarter of the world's population (that's several billion people) put aside whatever else they would have been doing and tuned in to watch the royal wedding a few days ago.

What does it mean? Why did the world seemingly stop spinning for this show of pomp and circumstance?

The easy answer is that, as a global community, we have had way too much tragedy and devastation in recent months. Terrorism. Natural disasters. Nuclear meltdowns. War and uprisings. Economic hardships. So it's tempting to see the royal wedding as just a desperately needed escape from all of this. And I'm sure most people who watched were craving a big dose of fairy-tale fantasy. 

But underneath that, I think the royal wedding carries a deeper message—and I believe it's no accident that this "escape from reality" took place right at this moment.

Billions of people glued to the wedding proceedings—as the choir sings words from Tehillim (OK, they wouldn't call them Tehillim—but rather psalms or hymns) and the officiating clergyman speaks at length about G-d (obviously not in Jewish terms), the holiness of marriage, and even the importance of caring for the earth. All great messages.  

During a time when the world is in upheaval, billions of people are tuned in to a message that G-d exists; G-d is running the world, even when times seem very dark.

It's interesting that we are now counting the days to the holiday of Shavuot, celebrating the "marriage" of G-d and the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, when we received the Torah. Last week's very human, if royal, wedding was both a faint shadow of that great marriage of three thousand years ago, and also a foreshadowing of the day just a few weeks from now when we will celebrate and reenact our covenant with G-d. The royal wedding is a timely parable for a future reuniting of G-d with the world, where He will no longer be hidden.

But even in a less metaphysical sense, in the grand spectacle of the wedding of a prince and princess (duke and duchess?) we are reminded vividly that there is beauty, and there is love, and there is tradition. And yet more—there is royalty! For millions (even billions) of people, the British royal family are excellent stand-ins to remind them in a pleasant way that there is something called royalty… and at the right time, a true king will become known, a Jewish king, descendant of King David!

I can't wait for the live coverage of that royal event, may it happen very soon!

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