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A little thing that made my daughter smile at the universe

Wednesday, June 15th 2011 @ 11:54 AM

About an hour ago, I was reading the latest installment of my local homeschooling e-mail list. Someone had posted about a field trip idea: the Butterfly House in Grafton, Massachusetts, where there are chrysalises forming right now—and soon the gardens will be filled with butterflies! I went to the website of the Butterfly House and was looking at this picture (at left)—

—when my six-year-old daughter, standing a few feet away from me by the window, let out a loud shriek.

I jumped up. "What! What's wrong?!"

"I just saw an orange-and-black butterfly! On a leaf right outside the window! I got a close-up!"

Sure enough, a gigantic Monarch butterfly was fluttering around right outside our living room window at that exact moment. 

I showed my daughter what I had just been looking at on the computer, and her face positively glowed. She took a breath, eyes wide, smiling, as she took in the beauty of what had just happened, the hashgacha pratis we were privileged to enjoy—like a little whisper from Hashem.

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